• Alzheimer’s Risk Test is a comprehensive genetic risk assessment tool, that combines all your genetic information, both associated with, and protective of, risk for future onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The score also includes age and sex as components of the overall score, as both of these factors, in particular age, have an impact on risk.
  • Your Alzheimer’s Risk Test result will also provide you a relative risk compared with a reference group taken from the general population and taking into account the age of the patient. This will provide you with a good idea of whether you have a higher or lower than average risk of future onset of AD.
  • Understanding genetic risk allows the patient to gather more insight into their future health and empowers them to take proactive decisions to mitigate that risk through lifestyle changes. They may also wish to consider other actions in planning for later life such as financial planning. The doctor will be able to provide you more information on the actions that may work for the patient to mitigate their risk.
  • Importantly this test should not be considered in isolation of other factors. There are a number of other risk factors associated with environmental and lifestyle circumstances that have been shown to affect the likelihood of future onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Understanding both genetic and these other risk factors will provide a better overall risk assessment. The doctor will use all this information to help you understand your risk of future onset of AD.
  • It is important to communicate that Alzheimer’s Risk Test  is not a diagnostic test and that a high score does not automatically mean that the patient will develop Alzheimer’s disease and conversely a low score does not mean that there is no chance of subsequent onset. As with many chronic diseases (for instance many patients understand that heart disease has both lifestyle and family – genetic – history risk factors), actions can be made to mitigate the risk leading to preventing or at least significantly delaying the onset of symptoms (delaying the onset of symptoms by a number of years in a disease that primarily impacts the elderly brings huge quality of life advantages).
  • Though Alzheimer’s is the major cause of dementia (70% of all cases), there are other causes of dementia. Alzheimer’s Risk Test does not provide any risk information associated with likelihood of onset of any of these dementias.
  • Should the patient be suffering from early symptoms Alzheimer’s Risk Test result will provide a risk assessment on how likely that individual will progress towards AD but at this stage cannot provide more information on the exact timing of that decline. Cytox are working on more studies to understand whether Alzheimer’s Risk Test  can provide greater understanding on this timeline.

What to expect regarding the testing:

Your full evaluation will consist of two visits. Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez will meet with you to discuss your medical history, physical exam, and your risk before and after the Alzheimer’s Risk Test. She will give you a set of recommendations based on your finding and you will also have the opportunity to work long term with her to diminish your environmental and behavioural risks.

Please call us to schedule your visit with Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez at: (941) 557-7242

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