I prefer to wash dishes, binge on Netflix than going to the bedroom.

Excuses such as “”I’m too tired,”” “”I have a headache,”” or “”I’m not in the mood”” are often used by women to avoid sexual encounters due to low libido. Low libido is a common issue during perimenopause and menopause, as hormonal imbalances can cause a decrease in sex drive. Other factors, such as stress, fatigue, certain medications, and relationship issues, can also contribute to low libido.

Sexual encounters with one’s partner are an important part of building and maintaining trust within a relationship. A healthy sex life can increase intimacy and improve overall relationship satisfaction. Low libido can not only impact an individual’s quality of life but can also have a negative effect on the couple’s relationship. Addressing the underlying causes of low libido is essential for maintaining a healthy and satisfying sex life within a relationship.

The three most important steps to take if one wants to improve their libido are to identify the underlying causes, optimize hormonal balance, and address lifestyle factors. A thorough evaluation can identify any hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, or other factors that may be contributing to low libido. Hormone replacement therapy, customized supplement regimens, and lifestyle modifications can then be used to address these underlying causes and restore hormonal balance. Lifestyle modifications, such as stress reduction techniques, regular exercise, and adequate sleep, can also help improve libido.

Don’t let low libido impact your relationship or quality of life. By identifying the underlying causes and taking steps to optimize hormonal balance and address lifestyle factors, it is possible to improve libido and restore intimacy within your relationship. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a personalized medicine practitioner who can provide a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals. Take action today and improve your libido and overall quality of life.

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